Monday, 30 April 2007

Home again

I am back in the UK for a bit, sadly, since M. isn't, and that's just rubbish, frankly. We watched The Life and Death of Peter Sellars before I came back. Geoffrey Rush is extraordinary in it, playing not just Sellars (impeccably), but also playing other characters in the style of Sellars doing the actors playing them... if you follow me. So Peter Vaughan plays Sellars' Dad, and Rush does Sellars playing Vaughan playing Sellar's dad. Quite brilliant. My favourite bits were set around Dr Strangelove: something feels strange about them, and then you realize it's because you're seeing all those famous sets and images in colour. (Also, Stanley Tucci is hilarious as Kubrick.)

It didn't change my opinion that Sellars was a total shit, in fact rather reinforced it, but that doesn't make much difference - still a great film.

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