Wednesday, 28 March 2007

Lies they told me about Troughton

That The Underwater Menace is rubbish. That The Macra Terror isn't all that. They aren't right.

Both of them remind me of McCoy stories (which counts as praise on this journal): 'The Underwater Menace' has the same anarchic glee of The Happiness Patrol. And it has the fun design too (Atlantean fascists! Fish masks! Shell-shaped skullcaps! The world's dodgiest priest!) and bad puns ("Come on, Ben, we've got other fish to fry!").

'The Macra Terror' is a dream-team cross between Delta and the Bannermen and The Happiness Patrol (with perhaps a smidge of Paradise Towers?). None of the episodes exist and I wonder - given all those perky "Work is fun!" jingles - whether it works better as radio, but then I look at the Big Brother pictures and more fascists costumed on a BBC budget and of course the giant crab - and think, "Wow."

So if they do animate another story, I hope it's one of these two. And I'll never believe the so-called authorities again. Nothing in ze world can shtop me now!

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